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Words from our CoRporate clients

Management Team

starting with what 
matters most.

Move over performance & productivity.

Make way for trust and empathy.

Where corporate training and retreats go wrong, in our humble opinion, is their strong focus on efficiencies, performance, systemic improvements and goal setting right out of the starting gate.  Graphs and frameworks neatly laid out, slide after slide.


People talking at people, reporting and instructing.

From our viewpoint, we see workplace dynamics as somewhat messier and infinitely more complex and interesting: work teams are fueled by human beings - not diagrams nor pie charts - and involve a delicate combination of different personalities, expertise, expectations,  idiosyncrasies, cultures and communication styles.

 So, we start by shining the light on each team member instead.

While getting to the substance of things is important, and results matter, we prefer to focus first on the essence of each player within the group:  Who are they?  What are their convictions?  What do they resist and why?  How do they relate to their teammates? What workplace roles and contributions make them come most alive?  


Starting from the inside-out charts the pathway forward.


winning hearts,
Engaging Minds.


By laying the groundwork for natural trust development and genuine empathy to emerge, teams gravitate towards simple but essential truisms:

I've got your back and I know you've got mine.

I trust you will do what you say and I will do the same.

I genuinely care about you, your well-being, and your success. 

First, I see the person, then I consider the work involved.

And this is where the magic happens.

Regardless of the industry or sector, when people feel seen, heard and valued as individuals, there is an automatic uptick in personal accountability, shared leadership, project ownership, productivity, performance and profitability.  Innovation, improved communication and better systems are all natural bi-products of first creating solid foundations of team trust and mutual understanding.

Build a company everyone wants to work for.


Insiders Marrakech

Madeline Green,

Ammo Jewellery

My Khmer Manager, Chantrea, and I have just completed the 3-day Bootcamp for Managers and we are already seeing some amazing changes within ourselves, our team and the business. 

Learning how to best strategise and prioritise has been transformative for me as a business owner.  I feel so much more confident to dream big and think far ahead to build a more creative, strong and innovative business for the future.


HANG Bora,
Managing Director
Krud Media

I can't say enough about Possibilities World Training. Michelle and her fabulous team always bring new learning techniques to help local businesses from simple staff to management levels. They also do excellent one-to-one executive coaching which I've done as well. If you are looking to grow your business, grow your staff, or grow yourself, I highly recommend Possibilities World for any business.


Skyline apartments

Our experience with Piseth and Michelle always remain in our heart, mind and spirit.

We had a great time of learning, playing, building stronger relationships within our team and creating a better understanding amongst one another.

I am very thankful and deeply appreciate our relationship.  We are more like friends than just clients or customers.


HENG Hally,
HR & CSR Manager
Pactics Cambodia

My first training with Possibilities World was in 2017 and I am still working with them!

Such an energized, fun, professional and great facilitation team.

Every single activity they facilitate, is a reflection of development. If you’re looking for a training and professional coaching place for yourself and/or your team,  Possibilities World is the only choice. I am strongly convinced of this.


Godie Van de Paal, Owner
Kingdom of WOW

Possibilities World arranged a training for our very close-knit team when we hired new colleagues, almost doubling our staff.

We wanted to make sure that the new colleagues were welcomed and that the workplace culture would be transferred to the new team members. Possibilities World did an amazing job by organizing a morning of fun ice-breaking activities mixed with practical information about workers rights and company expectations. The training helped ensure the easy integration of the new staff into the team.

Words from our corporate clients

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