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Changing our communities and our world for the better begins with our youth.


Over the past few years, especially, we have all marveled at how youth from around the globe have rallied together, mobilized resources, and insisted on the changes they would like to see in their communities and the wider world.  Now more than ever, young people are stepping onto local and global stages, bravely claiming their own voice within our social and political discourse, and rolling out significant action in distinct and innovative ways.  They're spearheading campaigns and initiatives - big and small - that help combat environmental degradation and pollution, social injustice, education and health disparities, gender and racial inequality, and extreme poverty.

If we've learned anything from the past few years, it's that our youth are a force to be reckoned with. 

At Possibilities World, we don't take this lightly.  We understand that young people, when given the right opportunity, environment and tools, can start a ripple effect that can transform themselves, their family, school, village or even, country.  Youth with a fire in their belly and a dream in their heart have the power to ignite movements for positive change both at the micro and macro levels -  we've seen it happen time and time again, and we never tire of witnessing the wonder and magic in it.


That's why we came up with youth programs that keep fanning these flames of self-confidence, leadership, & engagement.

Senior Youth Camping Trip.jpg
Youth Leadership Seniors.jpg

creating spaces where youth can fly.

Our youth leadership programs for both junior and senior teens follow the same through-line as all our other training initiatives: genuine leadership stems from the inside-out and is not limited to a one-size-fits-all approach.  Every young person brings their own set of strengths, aspirations, concerns, questions and fears to the table and we dive in together.  Most important to us is that we enable each youth to fully embrace their own uniqueness while developing skills in healthy habit formation, positive mindset development, self-confidence, strong inter-personal relationships, resiliency, problem-solving, and goal-setting.

Youth can tap into their true selves and uncover possibilities available to them they never knew existed.

At both the junior and senior levels, we like to push a little further and have the youth put their new-found capabilities to work real-time: we invite them to choose a project - a camping trip, a day's outing, a community event - and own every step of the process.  From fundraising to sponsorships, marketing and event planning, budgeting and logistics, the teens take on the challenge of orchestrating a project from start to finish, and experience how leadership, accountability, adaptability, humility and teamwork can accomplish most anything they set their minds to.

When young people see what they can dream up and accomplish, there is no turning back.


23 years old
YLP alumni

I was recently selected to participate in an educational exchange program in the US for 3 months and I am very thankful to Possibilities World for all the knowledge and experience acquired through the Youth Leadership Program.

The interactive learning environment at PW enabled me to incorporate many skills into my own life and bring them confidently to my team.  If you're looking for a school to build your interpersonal skills and leadership, PW is the answer!


22 years old
YLP alumni

PW's YLP offered me the chance to enhance my skills as a change-maker and to develop my ability as a leader. Being part of the program enabled me to develop my leadership skills step-by-step and allowed me to better understand the role of strong leadership in professional work and daily life.  YLP exceeded my expectations with so many different learning outcomes!

OUL Salav.jpg

OUL Salav,
24 years old
yLP alumni

Joining PW's leadership program was a life-changing experience.  The program taught me to embrace myself and appreciate life's journey through self-exploration.  I learned so much from the teachers and my peers!

We all need to acquire personal leadership to maximize our growth and the more we grow, the more we can leverage our potential to benefit ourselves, others and our community.  I am very grateful that I learned this concept early enough before I started my exciting journey at university - Mindset drives action!  From a girl growing up in a very rural village who always held herself back because of fear, I am now an independent individual who is working to inspire young people. Possibilities World inspired me to develop a career path that serves and guides people and they will always hold a big space in my heart!


HAN Pheakdey,
22 years old
YLP Alumni

I participated in Possibilities' Youth Leadership program in 2017 and the workshop series helped me become a new person, teaching me to change my bad habits and create healthier ones.

The program provided me with so much knowledge in leadership, communication, philosophy and life skills. It taught me to be a young leader, to be confident, to step out of my comfort zones, and to be clear about myself and what I want for my future.

This course is essential for young people - in participating, they will understand more about themselves and their abilities.


TOM Srey Nich,
21 years old
yLP alumni

I would like to say how grateful I am for having had the opportunity to participate in the Youth Leadership Program with Possibilities World.  I learned important facets for my life like how to be open, remain humble, be present and especially, how to be a strong leader.  The trainers at PW inspired me to create fun out of what we were learning but at the same time, allowed me to understand how important it was to develop responsibility and understanding of others to achieve good teamwork.

Words from our Youth leadership participants

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