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Community leaders are at the forefront of lasting change.

Access to quality education for all.  Clean drinking water and hygiene training that limit disease.  Peace talks and processes that transform regional conflict.  Cultural heritage protection and environmental conservation.  Upheavals to parochial systems that discriminate against the vulnerable.  Physical and occupational therapy for children with disabilities. Programs that empower women and girls.


These are just some of the missions that everyday heroes are quietly yet courageously tackling to transform our communities - and indeed, our world - into better places.  They are dogged in their resolve and tireless in their efforts.  But, because of their tenacity at work and their generosity in giving to others, they sometimes lack the time and space to refill their own well.  And, if there's anything we've learned over the years, is that these leaders need the opportunity to step out of their work from time to time so they can step back into themselves.


They deserve nourishing spaces to recharge, reflect and re-calibrate.

(and that's exactly what we strive to give them.)



we believe that
less is more.


Instead of broaching only the technical aspects of the work they do and bombarding them with the theoretical, we prefer to give community leaders and organizational staff time to catch their breath, step out of their daily operations, and reconnect with their values, their colleagues and themselves.

We usher them inward and give them a break from their outward giving.

Through this process, regardless of the training theme we are exploring together, teams and individuals alike experience profound discoveries at both personal and professional levels that enable them to return to work and life with renewed energy, fresh strategies, clearer direction, and strengthened relationships.

Dedicated time for change-makers and visionaries fuels ongoing positive change in our shared world.

Team-Builiding Cambodia

CHAT Sophiep,
Country Director
WateraiD cambodia

We had Possibilities World facilitate the leadership development session for our senior management team at WaterAid Cambodia, and, as a result, we have benefited tremendously.  Our team was captivated by the clarity and enthusiasm for personal and professional growth.

Michelle and her team did a brilliant job of helping the WaterAid Cambodia team feel more connected with themselves and each other.

The team building and values reflection session that PW facilitated helped our team understand each other's strengths and improved ways of working together more effectively. Michelle and Piseth helped us better utilize our strengths and work more closely as a team. I am really looking forward to working with Possibilities World again in the future and I would highly recommend their services for any organizational, personal and professional growth workshops.


Dr. Emma Leslie,
Executive Director
Centre for peace & conflict studies

Possibilities World not only brought energy, creativity and good vibes to our staff retreat, but also a deep respect for our team and our way of doing things. We laughed a lot, which enabled us to  go deeper in our team connection, reflection and shared strategy. 


Deputy Director
This Life

Since 2013, we have received training services from PW, and they have been fantastic and not only met but exceeded our expectations.  Our team is both delighted and impressed to work with the PW team.


Jessica Whitney,
Country Director
Safe Haven

We always find Possibilities World training to be dynamic, well-planned, thoughtful, and fun. The opportunity for experiential learning in both English and Khmer means that every member of our team can benefit equally, and we always learn new concepts, fresh ideas, or novel ways to think about things. Possibilities World has always provided us with great opportunities for team growth and learning! 

Words from our organizational clients

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